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Feb 26, 2024

Kelly Rowland storms out of the Today Show studios but Minoritea Report is team Kelly Rowland.  Dawon is fully energized after a long week of work and travel. Oh Boy (Donald Trump) drops his ugly sneakers while JLo drops her new album.  Beyonce became the first black woman in history to have singles that topped both the Country and R&B charts in their career.  Ask Yo Aunteas asks if they were wrong for not co-signing on their spouse's car.  Catch our latest take on Drag Race on Youtube!


So, get your cups ready for Minoritea Report!


0:00- Intro

0:56- HR Requirements

7:20- Kelly Rowland 

18:05- Mo Heart & President’s Day

20:57- Payless Sneaker Era

26:53- JLo

37:40- Beyonce Texas Hold Em


52:00- Ask Yo Aunteas

1:17:00- Drag Race & Voting


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