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Sep 27, 2021

WE HAVE MERCH!! Go to to order the merch we just dropped! #YoAunteas talk about being Black and Gay at work. Tiger King has a sequel dropping. What's occurring to the Haitian Community at the Border is ridiculous! White Girl Missing Syndrome. Jennifer Hough goes on The Real to tell her story about Nicki Minaj and her husband. This week's AYA question asks when is too many chances too many? Lil Nas X is out here trolling the world and we live! Would you tattoo a logo on your body for free food for life? Rhianna and new music we hope comes soon. That's what's brewing this week.

So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!

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Time Stamps:

0:00- Black & Gay at Work

13:55- Communitea Bulletin Board

16:50- Tiger King 2

20:40- Haitians at The Border

29:23- Women Gone Missing

37:39- Jennifer Hough vs. Nicki Minaj

43:43- We Have Merch (Commercial)

44:31- De De Hill

58:02- Lil Nas X vs. Boosie and the Trolls

1:05:25- Tattoos for Free Shit

1:10:48- Rhianna and New Music

1:16:55- Ivy Park


Minoritea Report is a weekly BIPOC Gay Podcast. Join Yo' AunTeas Kerel, Dawon, and Jerrell as they catch up & spill tea about the Black & POC LGBTQIA+ experience, relationships, politics, sports, and pop culture!