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Nov 15, 2021

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The Rittenhouse Trial has Yo Aunteas rolling their eyes and praying he doesn't get off. The Ahmaud Arbery Trial is also going on and revealing new details of the murder. Auntea Kerel notices a few more specs of pepper in the sea of salt that is Palm Springs. Aminata Diallo is the Black Tonya Harding. RIP to those that died at Astroworld. This week's Ask Yo Aunteas question asks if they are a bad person for wanting to sleep with Aaron Schock. The crew review episode 3 of Insecure. Paul Rudd may have been named the sexiest man but Kumail Nanjiani has got the Aunteas' attention. That's what's brewing this week.

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Minoritea Report is a weekly BIPOC Gay Podcast. Join Yo' AunTeas Kerel, Dawon, and Jerrell as they catch up & spill tea about the Black & POC LGBTQIA+ experience, relationships, politics, sports, and pop culture!