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Sep 7, 2020


#YoAunTeas get their entire life watching the #BrandyvsMonica #Verzuz and recap their favorite moments. The #VMAS was a little underwhelming. AunTea Dawon asks how do we handle award shows living in a more non-binary world? Did #Adele appreciate or appropriate? Double Congrats to #NiecyNash for coming out and getting married! #RIP to #ChadwickBoseman. Are you watching #LoveCraftCountry? Happy Labor Day!!! The #USOpen has begun. The US Census will be wrapped up a month earlier than normal, on September 30th! Please be sure to fill out your form and also register to Vote. Check up on the people you love because times are hard right now! That's what's brewing today, So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!

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Time Stamps:

1:40- Brandy vs. Monica

27:29- VMAs

45:21- Gender Identity at Award Shows

1:06:10- Adele

1:12:40- Niecy Nash

1:14:08- RIP Chadwick Boseman

1:18:39- Labor Day

1:23:34- US Open

1:35:10- US Census/Register to Vote

1:39-:14- Checkup on People