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Feb 24, 2020


"What's Brewing Today?"

Thanks, Adam, for that amazing opening!

Do you hear or see your Inner Dialogue? #Chicago for #StPattysDay. AunTea Kerel and Dawon comment on the reactions to their #WendyWilliams disagreement. #CancelCulture. Female Pop Stars. #SoulFood. #AunTeaDawon wonders what it's like to have fake titties and ass. #YoAunTeas provide their updated viewpoint on the Democratic field and give their Primary picks. The #AskYoAunTeas #AYA question of the week asks how to decide which friend to pick when a couple breaks up. The crew also receives a previous #AYA update. AunTea Kerel listens to the last episode with friends. #YoAunteas also do a new segment titled "Don't Revoke My Black Card."

"So, Get Your Cups Ready For MinoriTea Report!"

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Time Stamps:

4:26- Inner Dialogue

9:49- St. Pattys Day

14:22- Kerel vs. Dawon Recap

15:19- Cancel Culture

28:16- Brand New Titties

30:34- Female Pop Stars

31:52- Soul Food

35:39- Primary Picks

1:03:08- AYA

1:16:05- AYA Follow- Up

1:17:28- Podcast Experience

1:18:56- DRMBC