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Oct 14, 2019

What's Brewing Today?

THANK YOU Brian Balthazar for opening the show! Also, Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day!!

AunTea Jerrell is feeling a way about having flies in the house. It's mid-October and Pumpkin Spice Season. #YoAunTeas discuss how they prepare their Grits and share their must-have Fall Foods! Men wearing makeup continues to be a trend that grows and #YoAunTeas spill tea on how comfortable they are about wearing it. The #AskYoAunTeas #AYA question asks if you would tell someone that they were being cheated on or Not My Man Not My Problem? The CuriosiTea Segment Returns with more ridiculous questions each AunTea has to answer! So, Get Your Cups Ready For MinoriTea Report!


Time Stamps:

Flies: 0:40

Grits, Chilli & Pumpkin Spice: 5:53

Halloween Costumes: 20:06

Men in Makeup: 25:50

AYA Segment: 38:36

Happy Indigenous People's Day: 1:05:28

CuriosiTea Segment: 1:10:31


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