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Oct 12, 2020

#YoAunTeas welcome Kristin 4 Harlem to the Podcast this week. Kristin is running for City Council in District 9, Harlem NYC. The #AYA #AskYoAunTeas question ties into politics asking how to keep going when you feel you have nothing left to give when fighting for equality. #TheGays take over the #ProudBoys hashtag. #Alito and #Thomas threaten to overturn the #GayMarriage law. Congrats to #MartinJenkins for becoming the first Gay Supreme Court Nominee in California. The #AppleEvent is tomorrow and the new #iPhone12 is released but is the crew impressed? How is it already Fall? #LennyKravitz is still fine AF. AunTea Jerrell asks if you remember your dreams. #Egyptians can't even rest in peace. #Rihanna releases her latest #FentyFashionShow and Yo AunTeas live! That's what's brewing today, so, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!

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Time Stamps:

1:00- Kristin 4 Harlem

44:18- AYA

1:01:47- Proud Boys Hashtag

1:08:45- Gay Marriage Overturn

1:15:53- Martin Jenkins Supreme Court Nominee Cali

1:17:40- iPhone 12/ Apple Event

1:30:07- It's Fall

1:32:53- Lenny Kravitz

1:36:44- Dreams

1:45:49- Egyptians

1:47:02- Fenty Fashion Show