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Aug 19, 2019

What's Brewing Today?

Thank you, Brandon, for the opening! AunTea Dawon and AunTea Kerel share wild stories from their trip to #Chicago for #Marketdays. Congrats to #SimoneBiles for winning her 6th Women's National Championship! The #AYA #AskYoAunTeas question of the week has #YoAunTeas pondering if they're freaks in the morning or freaks in the evening. The #Pose ladies get Hot for the Summer and has #YoAunTeas discussing body image issues within Gay Culture. #Beyonce's Husband (#JayZ) partners up with the #NFL, leaving the crew wondering if it's a good move or not. #AreYouTheOne goes fluid on #MTV and #CardiB gets political. So, get your cups ready for MinoriTea Report!

Time Stamps:

Market Days- 3:45, Simone Biles- 25:30, AskYoAunTeas- 31:08

Pose Recap- 44:35, Blue Ivy's Daddy- 1:03:48

Are You The One- 1:15:17, Cardi B- 1:22:03


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