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Feb 24, 2020


"What's Brewing Today?"

Thanks, Erica Michele, for opening the Show!

AunTea Dawon admits to why he was quiet during Episode 52, (AYA: Feeling Sexy, Women of Change Award Goes To Kerel's Mom, Getting Petty with Pelosi). Do you sleep in the other room without your partner? Momma Drama and Love. AunTea Jerrell goes skiing. Black History Month Moment. #YoAunTeas talk about their bad hairstyles growing up, including S-Curls and Finger Waves. Monkey Fashion comes back, again. AunTea Kerel and AunTea Dawon get heated over #WendyWilliams comments and #LilBoosie expresses his opinion about #DwayneWade and #Zaya; is there a difference between the two comments? #AskYoAunTeas #AYA question asks to find the fine line between Lovers & Friends. The crew receives a follow up to Episode 53's AYA question and it's messy! #JHud sang a tribute to #KobeBryant during the #NBAAllStarGame but should it have included all 9 people in the crash? Also, little #SummerWalker rears her negative self, again.

"So, Get Your Cups Ready for MinoriTea Report!"

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Time Stamps:

1:25- Dawon High

5:50- Sleeping In Other Room

8:36- Momma Drama/Love

13:19- Skiing

16:52- Black History Month

18:04- Black Hairstyles

31:48- Monkey Fashion

37:56- Wendy Williams Debate

45:45- Lil Boosie/Zaya

57:10- Wendy/Boosie Difference

1:06:43- AYA

1:16:59- AYA Follow-Up

1:24:43- JHud Kobe Tribute

1:35:00- Summer Walker