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Oct 2, 2023

Usher will be 2024's Super Bowl Halftime show and Yo Aunteas have certain song they have to hear. Meg The Stallion fangirled out while performing with Beyonce and we understand it! Jerrell has additional questions around last week's AYA while this week's Ask Yo Aunteas get Yo Aunteas testy around African-Americans Friends.

So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!

Time Stamps:

0:00- Catching Up

8:30- Usher & The Super Bowl

24:10- Beyonce and Meg The Stallion in Houston

30:20- Sza

34:10- Communitea Bulletin Board- Ruined Renaissance

51:40- Tea Break

52:28- AYA: African-American Friends


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