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Jul 25, 2022

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It's a wig episode only fit for Beyonce Renaissance week! Yo Aunteas discuss which songs they are looking forward to. It's always been Hoochie Daddy Shorts season for the crew. Aunteas Kerel and Jerrell are excited about the 200-meter dash at the Track and Field World Championships and that Serena and Venus are playing summer tennis. Charges get dropped for Ricky Martin. Kim Burrell is in hot water, again. The Heat Wave is never ending this summer. JLO and Ben Affleck elope. Britney Griner is still locked up in Russia. How is Lizzo's New Album? This week's Ask Yo Aunteas asks how to get over body image insecurities. The House passes a Same-Sex Bill. Drag Race All Stars 7 is almost done. Are you going to see NOPE? That's What's Brewing Today.

So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report.

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Time Stamps:

3:57- Beyonce Renaissance

18:42- Hoochie Daddy Season

20:05- 200 Meter Dash

24:55- Serena and Venus Back

26:25- Ricky Martin

29:05- Kim Burrell

32:25- Heat Wave

37:10- Celebrity Drag Race

38:22- JLO Ben Affleck

41:41- Britney Griner

45:39- Salt n Pepa

46:34- Lizzo Album

50:00- Tea Break

50:46- AYA


1:13:09- Same Sex Bill

1:15:11- Drag Race

1:15:53- Nope