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Jan 31, 2022

Visit for Merch! Brandon visits Minoritea Report to talk about his encounter with Adele! HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! This week's Ask Yo Aunteas question asks about being black and the intersection with being part of the LGBTQIA community. Dawon's take a 23 and Me test. Yo Aunteas recap Drag Race...

Jan 24, 2022

Visit for Merch! Are you playing Wordle? Auntea Dawon gets in a Twitter War over Pedestrian Drag. The Atlantis Cruise has the gay community coining a new variant: Homocron. The NAACP Awards Nominations were announced. Australian Open has gone on without Novak. This week's Ask Yo Aunteas question asks...

Jan 17, 2022

Visit for Merch!

Happy MLK DAY! Jerrell is alive and well after getting the BDay Variant. How is your significat other stored in your phone and do you still have old trade numbers? Cheer season 2 is out now! Yo Aunteas will be recapping Season 14 of Drag Race, so, watch along with us and let us know...

Jan 10, 2022

Visit for Merch! Oh, No! Omarion done got Auntea Jerrell!

Hot Tea Topics Speed Round:

Jussie Found Guilty

Kamala vs. Charmalagne

Kim Potter Guilty

Betty White Died

Britney Spears Meme

Tami is back on the Real World and things are still racist AF...Cuz You Latina! Jerrell and Kerel share their Real...

Jan 3, 2022

Happy New Year! Visit for Merch!

Happy Birthday Auntea Jerrell & It's Capricorn Season (Happy Birthday Kaniel, Jerrell's Mom, and Garris).

Yo Aunteas take the time to remember some of their favorite segments from 2021! Jerrell may finally know Anita but may not know Luther Vandross' songs. The crew...