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Jun 3, 2024

Happy Pride Communitea!  Auntea Tequila is filling in for Henny but the tea is still piping hot! Auntea Dawon is back from Spain and let's us know if the men were hotter than Italy's men. We're still gagged over Bleach Blonde, Bad Built, Butch Body. Aunteas Do You Give A Damn about North West, Donald Trump, JLO, Kelly Rowland, and Nicki Minaj? This week's Ask Yo Aunteas question asks if folks were surprised when you came out? And Drag Race All-Stars 9 is for Charity but is that a good thing?


So, get your cups ready for Minoritea Report!

Time Stamps:

0:00- Intro

0:59- Auntea “Other” Jerell

2:30- Spain

14:30- B6

17:55- Aunteas Do You Give A Damn

35:13- Merch

36:06- Ask Yo Aunteas

48:58- All Stars 9


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