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Sep 25, 2023

Auntea Dawon is upset with Delta's frequent flyer updates, Angelica Ross is also team #BlameRyanMurphy, Anti-LGBTQIA movements pick up steam, Beyonce's Renaissance Tour is ruined due to a fight with a friend, and so much more!

So, get your cups ready for Minoritea Report!

Time Stamps:

0:00- Is it Covid?

4:13- Delta’s Reward Program

15:05- Corby’s & Sidetrack

21:36- Angelica Ross vs. Ryan Murphy

31:09- Anti-LGBTQIA Movements

45:12- Tea Break

46:00- AYA: She Ruined Renaissance

1:02:50- Seattle Renaissance 

1:11:55- Destiny’s Child & Nsync

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