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Jul 13, 2020


#YoAunTeas sidebar out the gate, talking about their favorite Veggies and rehash the Nasty vs. Freaky convo. Do you block gaslighters on Facebook? #Kanye is back doing the most and trying to run for president. The #AYA #AskYoAunTeas asks if Age Gap dating should be a concern. AunTea Dawon gives an update of Black People Doing Great Things. #HalleBerry backs out of a movie role playing a Trans Man. #Boystown in #Chicago is potentially looking at a name change that is more inclusive. Does 2020 have a #SongOfTheSummer yet and the gays of #FireIsland are clearly not scared of #DaRona.

That's What's Brewing Today... "So, Get Your Cups Ready for MinoriTea Report!"

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Time Stamps:

3:30- Veggie Tales

6:10- Nasty Boys

8:31- Facebook

20:30- Kanye

28:00- AYA

58:27- Black People Doing Great Things

1:15:13- Halle Berry & Trans Community

1:25:35- Boystown

1:46:38- Song of the Summer

1:53:53- Fire Island Gays