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Dec 28, 2020


2020 has been one hell of a year but that ain't stopping #YoAunTeas from reminiscing on their favorite moments of the year. AunTea Jerrell's favorite segment comes from the May 4th Episode TItled Beyonce, Kelly, & Sex Toys! AunTea Kerel's Favorite #AYA #AskYoAunTeas segment came from the June 8th Episode Titled Introducing: AunTea Jäger, the question asked if #BodyCount matters. AunTea Dawon's favorite segment came from the Feb 17th Episode Titled RuPaul Makes Queer Black Herstory, in that episode we played CuriosiTea: Gets NasTea! The crew also shares some never heard bloopers from another moment that AunTea Kerel couldn't forget!

Thank you to all of the guests that we had this year and THANK YOU to all of the #Communitea that listened and rocked with us all year!


That's What Brewed This Year, So, Get Your Cups Ready For the Last Episode of MinoriTea Report of 2020!

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Time Stamps:

30:35- Top Blooper of 2020

34:10- Beyonce, Kelly, & Sex Toys

55:48- AYA: Body Count

1:16:46- Curiositea: Gets NasTea