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Aug 31, 2020

#YoAunTeas check in on each other after another emotionally charged week after the #TwilightZone that was the #RNC and then the shooting of #JacobBlack by cops in #KenoshaWisconsin. The sports world, led by the #NBA #WNBA and #MLB boycott games to make a stand against #policeBrutality and the recent shootings. AunTea Jerrell asks how are you taking care of your mental health during these trying times? AunTea Dawon sets people straight about us wearing wigs during the episode. Jerrell and Dawon got that #AllMyLifeIHadToFight spirit. The crew share stories of having to #CodeSwitch. The #VMA will be hosted by #KeKePalmer but the true musical moment of the week will be Brandy #Verzuz Monica! #MariahCarey tries to #SaveTheDay.

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Time Stamps:

2:50- Emotional Check-in

9:42- RNC

13:21- Jacob Blake

26:08- NBA/WNBA/MLB Boycott

32:27- Mental Health During Trying Times

54:42- All My Life I Had To Fight Spirit

58:58- Code Switching

1:15:34- VMA w/ KeKe Palmer

1:17:50- Brand Verzuz Monica

1:29:36- New Mariah