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Jun 20, 2022

Happy Juneteenth!!! Dr. Quinton Morris a concert violinist, educator, entrepreneur, radio host, filmmaker, and founder of Key To Change joins Yo Aunteas.  This week’s Ask Yo Aunteas asks if it’s a red flag to date someone still living at home with their parents.  More Shootings, and a bill that ain’t really bout nothing. Legendary Finale. NBA playoffs and Serena makes her return to tennis. Jennifer Hudson earns her EGOT status! Congrats to a Strange Loop Play!  Drag Race Episode 5 changes the game.  That's What's Brewing Today.

So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report. 

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Time Stamps:

0:00- Quinton Morris

44:20-Tea Break


56:31- More Shootings

57:50- Legendary Finale

1:02:43- Sports

1:04:17- JHUD EGOT

1:05:15- A Strange Loop

1:06:00- Drag Race

1:18:40 Juneteenth