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Dec 9, 2019


#YoAunTeas are thankful for making it through another year and decade. Does #MariahCarey have the last great Christmas song? Congrats to #AunTeaDawon is high on his new job!! Nicole and the #PussycatDolls make a comeback. Free PrEP will become available for those uninsured, starting in 2020. #DwayneWade claps back at the internet trolls for talking about his son. #MayorPete rings the bell for #SalvationArmy and the crew talk Politics. The #AYA #AskYoAunTeas question asks how to deal with a needy person. #YoAunTeas relive their favorite songs and albums of the 2010s.

"So, Get Your Cups Ready For #MinoriTeaReport"!


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Time Stamps:

Mariah and Christmas songs- 3:00

Dawon's new job- 6:09

PCD 11:19

PrEP 19:39

DWade 21:57

Mayor Pete 31:58

AYA 51:31

2010s: Our Music 1:04:32