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Aug 3, 2020


#YoAunTeas have a guest this week, Tranna Wintour aka AunTea Frangelica, from the podcast "Chosen Family"! AunTeas Kerel and Dawon met Tranna during the LGBTQ Roundtable during pride month and knew she had to be on the show! The #AskYoAunTea #AYA question asks the crew how not to feel like a failure at the age of 42 compared to friends and family on social media. The #Emmy nominations were announced and despite the black community as a whole saw more representation, not all parts saw the same. #SheaCoulee takes the crown for #RuPaulsDragRace and #RuPaul gears up to release yet another show. Sports are back and some are fending off Covid-19 more successfully than others, like the #NBA. #BlackIsKing at #DisneyPlus and #Netflix and so much more!

That's What's Brewing Today...So, Get Your Cups Ready For MinoriTea Report!

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Time Stamps:

2:07- Tranna Wintour

28:21- AYA

47:25- Emmy Nominations

1:09:48- Shea Coulee

1:24:13- RuPaul Las Vegas Show

1:37:17- Sports are Back

1:41:13- Black Is King at Disney Plus and Netflix