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Aug 30, 2021

George Daigle, Owner of WERURadio joins #YoAunteas this week! Auntea Dawon is still in Greece so Auntea Landon fills in again this week! Happy ATL Black Pride! It's been 20 years since #Aaliyah passed and we still stan! Kanye still hasn't dropped Donda. Elaine Thompson is making history in track-n-field while ShaCarri is public enemy number one. This week's Ask Yo Aunteas question asks if it's okay to call Black Men Chocolate. OnlyFans retracts its anti-porn stance. Stop Killing Black Trans Women!!! Congress needs to pass the John Lewis Voting Act. FDA approves the Pfizer Vaccine. That's What's Brewing This Week. So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!

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Time Stamp:

1:34- George from WERU Radio

22:20- Aaliyah

31:47- Donda

34:50- Serena Out of US Open

36:45- Elaine Thompson Herah & Sha Carri

45:40- AYA

59:14- OnlyFans

1:10:25- Stop killing Trans Women

1:11:03- John Lewis Voting Act

1:14:34- Pfizer Vaccine