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Apr 26, 2021


Ms. And I Oop herself #JasmineMasters joins #YoAunTeas! Jasmine spills the tea on if she'd ever do #DragRace again and takes us through her amazing 27-year career as a #DragQueen. Another white cop murders a black person, this time a 16 yo girl named Ma'Khia Bryant right as George Floyd's death gains accountability with a triple guilty verdict of the cop that killed him. Dawon had the week off to check on family, so, Auntea Tequila filled in for him! This week's #AYA #AskYoAuntea question asks why are men interested up until they find out he does drag. Martell Robinson aka Jasmine tells a story about seeing someone suck dick on an NYC subway and the crew plays a new game titled "Things That Make You Go Oop"! That's what's brewing this week, so, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!


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Time Stamps:

2:45- Ma'Khia Bryant and George Floyd Verdict

11:55- Jasmine Masters

37:42- AYA

52:53- Dick on the Subway

54:40- Things That Make You Go Oop