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Feb 1, 2021


Yo AunTeas welcome Author Rodney Wash (Media Through My Eyes) as this week's Guest AunTea Crown Apple! Rodney shares his journey of growing up in Mississippi, quitting his day job, and finding success in the Entertainment Industry as a Gay Black Man. The Ask Yo AunTeas / AYA question asks if he should accept his Ex's Friend Request. Chloe Bailey is solo while her sister Halle films The Little Mermaid and decides to Break The Internet doing the #BussItChallenge! Is Chloe the new queen of R&B causing Normani to miss her opportunity? Was Ashanti as big as Beyonce in the early 2000's? Should the next Verzuz be Usher Verzuz Justin Timberlake?

That's What's Brewing Today, So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!

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Time Stamps:

3:07- Rodney Wash

42:25- AYA

1:02:52- Chloe Bailey

1:06:56- Normani, Ciara, Melanie Fiona, Vivian Green

1:14:05- Beyonce & Ashanti

1:22:05- Usher Verzuz Justin Timberlake