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Apr 13, 2020

"What's Brewing Today?"

It's the one year Anniversary of MinoriTea Report!! #YoAunTeas asked the #CommuniTea to send in questions and they did so handsomely. KiKi w/ Yo AunTeas provides a broader viewpoint on each AunTeas opinions. The #AYA #AskYoAunTeas question asks why #Covid19 is hitting the Black and Brown communities more than others and what do we do about it. Also, the crew launches a new segment, SuperlaTeaves.

Thank You to everyone that has supported this podcast in its first year and cheers to more!

"So, Get Your Cups Ready For MinoriTea Report!"

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Time Stamps:

18:56- KiKi W/ Yo AunTeas

59:13- AYA

1:22:39- SuperlaTeaves