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Sep 16, 2019

What’s Brewing Today? Thank you Matthew for opening the show! #YoAunTeas remember 9/11.  #Apple releases the same phone, for the third time. The #CommuniTea send in their replies to last episode’s “Women in Gay Bars” conversation. AunTea Kerel asks the crew a similar question as a friend asked if he was allowed in a Black/POC Gay Bar. October 8th is a big day in #LGBTQIA history as the Supreme Court will decide if discrimination is allowed in the work place based on sexual orientation. #BlackGirlRocks on #BET and Kerel wonders why Black Women aren’t owning more hair care companies.  Dave Chappelle’s Standup special on #Netflix fires up #YoAunTeas on if he went too far or not. Also, the crew discuss the upcoming Fall TeaV season. So, get your cups ready for MinoriTea Report!

Time Stamp:

9/11 Remembrance: 4:03

Apple Event: 11:33

Women in Bars Reply: 21:07

Spec of Salt in Gay Pepper: 25:44

October 8th/Supreme Court LGBT Cases: 35:21

Black Girls Rock: 42:45

Black Hair Care Ownership: 50:32

Dave Chappelle Stand-Up: 55:42

Fall TeaV Preview: 1:21:36


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