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Jul 1, 2019

What's brewing, today? Thanks, Kevin, from Chicago, for the opening! #YoAunTeas have a Wig party while recording Episode 20! #YoAunTeas get ready for Seattle and World Pride! Happy Birthday, Corey! Cardi releases a new music video for "Press". Lizzo destroys the stage 3 times in a week. BET Awards and AunTea Mary snatches everyone's wigs. Congrats to Alphonso David for being first POC head of HRC. Pose kills, again! Google hires "Juneteenth Designer". The #AskYoAunTea (AYA) question wraps up Pride Month and has #YoAunTeas sweating out their wigs! RIP Brooklyn Lindsey. So, get your cups ready for MinoriTea Report!


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