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Jul 31, 2023

Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour gagged, gooped, destroyed Yo Aunteas and they review the tour and how they feel about he album 1 year later!

So, get your cups, fans, edges ready for part one of Minoritea Report!

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Jul 24, 2023

Actors Striking and AI taking over, Who is the better dancer; Janet vs. JLO, and do we have skin care routines? That's what's brewing, today!

Time Stamps:

0:00- Dawon is Back and Jerrell’s in Jamaica

9:15- Barbie Doll Update

12:25- San Diego Pride

22:40- Communitea Bulletin Board: Skin Care Routine

37:37- Tea Break

Jul 17, 2023

Hey Communitea, Here's What's Brewing, Today!


Time Stamps:

0:00- The Red & Relle Show & Liking their family

10:32- Track and Field Championships

22:00- KeKe Palmer Baby Daddy Drama & Ursher Baby

34:45- Britney Spears Slap

40:24- Song of The Summer

49:50- Getting Ready For Beyonce

57:00- Homophobic Hairdresser


Jul 10, 2023

Hey, Communitea... Here's What's Brewing, Today!


Time Stamps:

2:00- Jamaica & Hey Dude & the 4th of July

15:42- Where do Older Black Gays Vacay at?

18:55- Supreme Court: Affirmative Assess

1:07:17- Simone Biles, Wimbledon, and Track

1:12:45- Dawon’s Barbie World

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Jul 3, 2023

Hey Communitea, Here's What's Brewing, Today!


Time Stamps:

3:10- July 4th plans

9:55- NYC & Seattle Pride

30:30- Take Your PTO!!

38:44- Tea Break

39:33- Ask Yo Aunteas: Daddy Era?

55:22- Drag Race & NUBIA Tour

1:14:05- Ms. Patti & The Bet Awards


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