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Nov 27, 2023

Minoritea Report joins DNR Studios Podcast Network beginning on December 1st!

George Santos spends $20K on Onlyfans and Luxury Goods, Florida doesn't want you to say gay at work, Keyshia Cole still spreading Love, the 90s clothing is back, Ask Yo Aunteas question asks where to travel in Europe while gay and black, da baby is out $200 Million, Brandy's Christmas album is so-so, will you go see The Color Purple?, Cassie sues and wins, and World Aids Day is Dec 1st.

So, get your cups ready for Minoritea Report!

Time Stamps:

0:32- Fis is Gone

9:25- We’re On DNR Studios

13:50- That Damn George Santos

25:10- Don’t Say Gay at Work

33:03- Keyshia Cole & The 90s

46:53- Merch at

47:41- Previous Episodes

53:00- Ask Yo Aunteas: Brotha In Berlin

1:10:03- Da baby

1:12:49- Brandy Christmas Album

1:20:52- The Color Purple

1:25:00- Cassie vs. Diddy

1:28:00- World Aids Day 2023


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