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Jul 20, 2020


COVID threatens to shut everything down again but folks still out an about. RIP to #NayaRivera. #Walmart requires masks and Karens go wild. #JoeBiden better step his Black Agenda up or risk losing the election. Who will step up within the Black and Brown communities to ensure out agendas get handled? The #AYA #AskYoAunTeas question asks if you should/could work for a company that doesn't support #BLM and the #LGBTQIA communities. #NickCannon gets let go from #Viacom but the black community is uplifting him and showing support! #Asheville issues reparations for the black community. #MeganTheeStallion gets shot. Congrats to #ValentinaSampaio for becoming the first openly #Transgender Woman to grace the #SportsIllustratedSwimSuitEdition pages! The #WashingtonRedskins finally agree to change its name.

That's What's Brewing Today... So, Get Your Cups Ready For MinoriTea Report!

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Time Stamps:

1:48- Covid Life

6:02- Naya Rivera

10:58- Walmart Masks

27:58- Biden & Black Agenda

56:01- AYA

1:11:28- Nick Cannon

1:20:02- Asheville

1:23:34- Megan Thee Stallion

1:24:54- Valentina Sampaio

1:27:04- Washington Redskins