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Nov 18, 2019

"What's Brewing Today"?

Thank you, Rex, for opening the show!

#Disney+ launches and AunTea Jerrell is transported back to his childhood but are there too many streaming services now? #JohnLegend is #PeopleMagazine Sexiest Man but #YoAunTeas think there are others sexier. #Popeyes Chicken Sandwich has folks body slamming people. The "F" word has Gay Student fighting in class. #SummerWalker Reprise. The #AskYoAunTeas #AYA question asks if Queer Black Celebrities are in Interracial relationships, does it make it appear Black Men are not suitable partners? #YoAunTeas get a #SexWork follow-up from the #CommuniTea. #ColinKaepernick works out for the #NFL.

"So, Get Your Cups Ready For MinoriTea Report"!


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Time Stamps:

Disney+: 8:44

John Legend: 20:09

Popeyes and Gay Fights: 26:40

Summer Walker Reprise: 39:55

AYA: 42:58

Sex Work Follow-up: 1:16:35

Colin Kaepernick: 1:21:55