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Jul 15, 2019

What's Brewing Today? Thanks, Shadi from Chicago, for opening the show! Kerel records the episode in a bathroom while vacationing with family in the Smoky Mountains. Serena makes it to the Wimbledon finals (and lost post the recording of the episode) and covers Harper's Bizarre. #YoAunTeas discuss Disney's streak of live action movies and the racism around a black Ariel has #YoAunTeas discussing the latest Living While Black experiences Volume: 3247. Pose's latest episode provides a tribute to Candy and the Black Trans CommuniTea. The trailer for the Black Ladies Sketch Show has the crew excited! The #AskYoAunTeas (AYA) question of the week has #YoAunTeas answering if it's ok to date and be on hook-up apps. CONGRATS to the USA Women's Soccer Team for winning the world cup. So, get your cups ready for MinoriTea Report!

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