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Feb 17, 2020


"What's Brewing Today?"

Thanks, Smiffy, for the Piggy Opening!

AunTea Dawon and AunTea Kerel talk about their new jobs. AunTea Jerrell shares our #BlackHistoryMoment of the week. #Oscars was dominated by #Parasite and Fashion Recap. #HairLove. #RuPaul makes HerStory by hosting #SNL. Prominent Black Drag Queens create #NUBIA and Dawon is attending. #Janet launches new World Tour and album, #BlackDiamond! It's time for the #Percolator and #AskYoAunTeas #AYA; does Age Gap dating create problems? #AunTeaJerrell leads a NasTea CuriosiTea segment that has them all spilling tea!

"So, Get Your Cups Ready for MinoriTea Report!"

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Time Stamps:

9:03- Black History

11:58- Oscars

15:25- Fashion

22:48- Hair Love

25:01- RuPaul SNL

33:38- NUBIA

37:11- Janet

41:52- Serena

44:50- Percolator

47:41- AYA

1:05:34- CuriosiTea