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Sep 9, 2019

What's Brewing Today? Thank you, Rashad, for opening the show! It's Queen Beyoncé's birthday and #YoAunTeas discuss their favorite underrated Beyoncé songs! Lil Nas X's appearance on "The Shop" spurs conversations about #YoAunTeas own experiences being gay in a barbershop environment. AunTea Jerrell takes a trip to NYC to sightsee and visit AunTea Dawon. AunTea Kerel recaps #AtlantaGayBlackPride. The #AskYoAunTea #AYA question has a straight ally wondering what to do with a Gay Man hitting on him all the time. AunTea Jerrell asks the crew how they feel about women in Gay Bars. Malik Yoba is attracted to Trans Woman and the conversation around it. RIP #LaShawnDaniels aka #BigShiz. Ryan Russell comes out. #YoAunTeas also talk about #NickiMinaj retiring from the rap game. So, get your cups ready for MinoriTea Report!

Time Stamps:

Beyoncé's Birthday: 2:06

Lil Nas X & The Barbershop: 18:00

Jerrell's visits Dawon/NYC Recap: 28:38

Atlanta Gay Black Pride: 38:27

AYA: I Am Not Gay: 45:47

Women In Gay Bars: 54:44

Malik Yoba: 1:16:29

RIP LaShawn Daniels: 1:24:41

Ryan Russell: 1:26:21

Hot Girl Summer/Nicki Retires: 1:29:03

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