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Nov 16, 2020

#YoAunTeas invite Maya from #QueerAsianSocialClub to be our Guest AunTea this week and she tells us about her love of #Juneshine #Kombucha, finding community, being a professional golfer, and being in law school. The #AYA #AskYoAunTea question asks how does one learn to say No, No, No like #DestinysChild. Maya gives us her thoughts on #TheMasters. #AsyaBranch wins #MissUSA but some potential troubling appearances and tweets threaten to undermine the historic win. #KeKePalmer stirs up #Twitter talking about #EBTCards.

That's What's Brewing This Week, So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!

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Time Stamps:

4:45- Queer Asian Social Club/Maya

46:53- AYA

1:12:24- The Masters

1:23:40- Asya Branch

1:39:55- KeKe Palmer