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Aug 15, 2022

Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child fame joines Yo Aunteas to talk about her podcast, Checking In. Michelle also talks about her career, chicken wings, interracial relationships, and Beyonce's new album, Renaissance! This week's Aks Yo Aunteas is a reprise from episode 161 (Weekend Strippers, Stand With Ukraine & Black People, AYA: She Can't Sang) to get Michelle's expertise on what to do with friends who can't sing. Curiositea is back asking various questions like Survivor vs. Destiny Fulfilled, Super Bowl vs. Beychella, and so much more! That's what's brewing this week.

So, Get Your Cups Ready For Minoritea Report!


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0:00- Michelle Wiliams Checks In!

57:06- Tea Break

57:52- AYA

1:10:07- Curiositea