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Dec 16, 2019


Thank you to AunTea Kerel's brother, Kaniel, for opening the podcast!

AunTea Kerel and Jerrell regroup from their #Dallas Trip. Will #Beyonce has a #Vegas residency? #Lizzo showed her ass, literally. Time's People of the year are announced but 2 of the AunTeas aren't completely on board for one person. People protest #MichaelVick, again. #Pinterest and #TheKnot take down Plantation Wedding Pictures. #ZozibiniTunzi stuns as the new #MissUniverse ! The #GoldenGlobes and #SAG nominations were announced and not representative of the POC culture. #AYA #AskYoAunTeas question asks if being gay and black has hindered #YoAunTeas professional careers. #CuriosiTea is back and the crew plays a game about 2020 Dating Terms. #YoAunTeas discuss some of their favorite movies of the 2010s.

"So, Get Your Cups Ready For MinoriTea Report"!

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Time Stamps:

Dallas: 1:25

Beyonce in Vegas: 7:04

Lizzo 11:27

Time's People: 16:28

Michael Vick: 24:51

Plantation Wedding Pictures: 29:17

Miss Universe: 39:02

Golden Globes/SAG Noms: 43:23

AYA: 45:45

CuriosiTea: 1:01:33

2010s: Our Movies: 1:19:54